Never Say Never: One Year On! 

It has been a year since I started this blog. It was really a test for myself to see if I can post regularly (at least once a month) to my own, personal blog. I think the experiment has been a success! Not only have I achieved this posting frequency but I am actually generating a modicum of traffic flow to this blog (about 30 visits per day). OK, that is not too high but I have plans for the future now anyway!

What I am going to do is move this blog to a dedicated host (I’ll probably use Slicehost’s 256 Slice) and I’ll probably re-launch under a new name (not sure yet what to call the new blog).

Anyway, my new plan is to post at least once a week and try and achieve a traffic flow of 100+ unique visits per day (for starters). I hope to blog about anything that I am currently working on or am interested in. So this would include a mixture of programming (Linux/Ubuntu, Rails, Ruby, Flex, JavaScript, RDF, MySql, NoSql, Graph Databases), business ventures that I am involved in (Yoolk, MangoMap, Upstart and AdFlickr) and personal activities (Piano, Mountain Biking, Eating Out and Reading).

Next month, I’ll post to this blog for the last time, which will probably be an announcement of the launch of my new blog.